Zoo by Oliver

Once apon a time there was a girl named Live.

Live was a zoo keeper and here best friend was a Giraffe.

One day when she was making food for her friend and she added brown salt .

When she put the food into the microwave it melted and it was greasy.

When the giraffe ate the food it went wild and turned into a penguin.

Live shouted”what happend, call a doctor he needs help.”

The penguin said” notting bad happend it was so good that I am in my normal form.”

“Thank you god”said Live.

2 thoughts on “Zoo by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver,
    Well done on your 100WC. I would love to have a giraffe as a friend but I don’t think I would ever add brown salt to their food. Although, if I thought my friend might turn into a penguin the I might be tempted! I liked the way you laid out your piece, it added interest. Next time, make sure you use a capital letter inside your quotation marks as someone begins to speak.
    Keep up the great work,

    Ciara (Team 100)

  2. HI! I’m Maddie Jane,your hub buddy! I am sorry for not commenting on all your other WC .Technicole difucletes.But you did grest but in the pharse “live shouted” you need to put two of the qwoutes.

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