Would you Dare Part II by Kyle

As he stepped into the dimly lit hall, Tom noticed the goosebumps that were covering his arms and legs. It must be about -10 degrees in here; it was absolutely freezing. He entered the sitting room at a snail’s pace. It was extremely eerie. He had a look around. There were ripped couches in corners, broken glass tables strung across everywhere and books with pages ripped out littered the room. There must have been chaos in here. Suddenly, when he was having a look at the blinds, they slammed shut. After a second or two, darkness enveloped the room and Tom could not see a thing. It frightened the wits out of Tom. Was it a ghost? Was it a spirit? Even Tom didn’t know!

One thought on “Would you Dare Part II by Kyle”

  1. You had great adjectives and i loved your story. It was creepy but in a good way, I love creepy stories. I want to read the part 1. Keep writing.

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