Will’s Special Dog – Whitney

A boy called Will had a dog called Silas. But Silas was
mostly hated by other people. Silas is purple and grey
with no tail and one ear. But the secret is that Silas is
magical, he has the power to teleport and the power of imagination. One day Will and Silas were walking and Silas tripped and fell into acid pink lake.
‘No!’, screamed Will.
Will quickly grabbed Silas but did not get burnt. Will ran fast to the pet hospital. Will used his own imagination to try to heal Silas and he did. Will didn’t only get his pet back he got his best friend back.

2 thoughts on “Will’s Special Dog – Whitney”

  1. Hi Whitney,
    I was delighted that Will was able to save his pet and best friend Silas.
    I think there’s a great message in your story – It’s not important how we look – it’s more important to be kind and a good friend.
    Good work.
    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)


  2. Hi Whitney,
    I love the way that the dog magical,
    I wish I was magical,
    As people say a dog is a mans best friend,
    I love the names Will and Silas,
    So long Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class,
    P.S. Unbelievable story this week.

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