White Room by Rose

I opened my eyes groggily, ‘How long was I out?’ I looked around the room. It was all white, with one black intercom in the corner of the room. I was strapped onto a wooden chair. My mouth was, luckily, free to move around. The room didn’t seem to have any doors, or the door was well hidden. A female voice started speaking through the intercom.

”It’s a good thing you finally woken up! I was starting to wonder if we actually killed you!”

”Huh-?!” Who was that?! I’m so confused! then suddenly, I saw a flash of light, then, darkness.

I.. remember.. How I ended up here.

”Oh? I didn’t expect you to realize your situation so quickly! You’re pretty smart!”

One thought on “White Room by Rose”

  1. Wow!!! Your story was amazing, people should put that in a movie 🎥
    Good job. nothing wrong

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