What!? by Bartosz

This morning I woke up to a “give me food”, but there was nobody in my room. I called my dog Cooper. A deep voice replied “yes”. I couldn’t believe it I sat there in disbelief. He said what are you looking at, again I sat there in disbelief. Is this a dream I screamed, are you stupid this isn’t a dream I want food. So I went downstairs but there was no dog food, I asked Cooper if he’s going on a morning jog to the shop. After we ran a bit, ‘which way to the shops?’ it panted desperately

One thought on “What!? by Bartosz”

  1. Hello Bartosz, I love dogs and I can just imagine the dog in this story waking you up to get him food. Sometimes, dogs do appear to talk, I think. My dog actually opened the curtain of my bedroom to wake me up one morning when I didn’t respond to him bumping me and licking me. Poor Cooper, having to jog to the shop to get his food. I bet he enjoyed it though when he eventually got to eat it.

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