The Weird Whistle – by Ariana

Going to Tesco I saw a bag, picking up the bag it felt weird,
and it was closed. Opening the bag I read “Danger.”
I murmured, “That’s weird, what could possibly be dangerous in a bag?”
Looking at the whistle I burst out laughing, because it said danger and it was just a whistle, then out of nowhere, wind grabbed the whistle out of my hands and the whistle disappeared, after a while a whistle blew and everyone disappeared. Running to Tesco there was no one there, running home I heard a booming sound at the carnival.
Running down to the carnival………………………..

One thought on “The Weird Whistle – by Ariana”

  1. Very very strange things going on in Tesco Ariana. I won’t be in too much of a hurry to do my shopping there tomorrow! I’d really like to know what the booming sound at the carnival was.

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