The Weird Violin – by Ariana

Before playing the violin I had eaten a doughnut. After a while, when I finished my doughnut, the violin swept the crumbs up, then the violin turned yellow.
“Okay, that was creepy,” I murmured.
Watching the violin grow legs, I froze in shock, as the violin ran away I unfroze.
Running after the violin, it turned in to an airplane.
”Okay I’m definitely dreaming.” Rubbing my eyes the violin was gone
“I knew it, I was dreaming!” I shouted.
Looking around I heard everyone screaming, but not looking at me for shouting, and there went my luck. After all, it wasn’t a dream…

2 thoughts on “The Weird Violin – by Ariana”

  1. That was definitely a ‘weird violin’. Your story is very creepy! You’ve done a great job describing what is happening, and you make it sound very scary. Keep up the great work.
    Well done.

  2. Very very strange indeed. You’re right – it wasn’t a dream! It was definitely a nightmare!

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