Wedding by Oliver

As our horses galloped along the vast area of Tom’s land we heard traditional ball music from his castle.

We took no notice of the sign saying “Tom’s land – stay off unless party guest.”

It was the big day.

Tom and Jane were getting married. Hopefully, there would be no sabotage.

“Darling do we really have to go to this wedding, it sounds awfully boring” I said to Mary.

” Yes we are going and we’re nearly there so if you must say something Charles muster it” Mary replied.

At Tom’s parties you had to be humble to every guest and it was torture.

One thought on “Wedding by Oliver”

  1. Hello Oliver, I like the opening of your story. It immediately made me visualise, sunshine, green land and blue sky. I think I might have even glimpsed a castle in the distance. I’m not sure if that is what you planned but it is the image I saw. I also like how you developed your characters. The conversation between the two of them provided a glimpse into the type of people they are. Well done.

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