War by Oliver

“Boom!”Bang!”Splat!” “Fall back!” “Grenade!”

“We give up, you won”.

“Flash Bang incoming!”

The light has blinded him and he was blinded forever.


“The our tanks are coming.”

One Hour later. They have won.

The man that got blinded was called Mike. It was hard at the beginning but he got through. He got a job as an artist and got married. When he had twomillon dollars and he used one millon on eye surgery. He used half a millon his sons’ collage now he has one third of his money. Then he won the lotto.

8 thoughts on “War by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver
    I really liked your story because it reminded me of war horse.

    What war is it?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hi Oliver,
    It’s really sad that he got blinded and had to get eye surgery.
    His very rich man and then he wins the Lotto.
    His Some lucky guy.
    From Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  3. Hi Oliver

    that guy Mike was so unlucky that he got blind
    and hi is so lucky to have 2 mil to spend and he won the lotto
    Which college did his sons go to.

    From Seán
    Mrs Boyce’s class

  4. Hi Oliver
    Very good story Mike must be very lucky to win the lotto
    I really like that you used a lot of onomatopoeia
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s Class 5th

  5. Hi Oliver, I loved your story. Mike must be really lucky to win the lotto and have 2million euro ,other than when he got blinded of course .

    Bye for now Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s class .
    Please comment on mine .

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