Very Unusual by Ben

Izzy was going on her daily walk through the countryside when she saw something a little bit strange, a shiny yellow bicycle taped on a wooden post on one wheel. “WHAT IS THAT?” thought Izzy. She stared at it then slowly walked away. When she was walking back from where she started, she looked at where the bicycle was but instead of it being yellow it was red. “OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted Izzy. Maybe someone was tricking her or maybe she just looked at it differently. She went home questioning herself on what happened. “DAD!, DAD!, SOMETHING SCARY HAPPENED ON THE WALK!” Shouted Izzy. “Stop being silly,” said her Dad.

2 thoughts on “Very Unusual by Ben”

  1. That was a really clever way to surprise your reader, although I’m a little sad the father immediately dismissed her story. I thought the colour change was odd though not scary, but maybe I missed something, or maybe something else happened that made it scary and we’ll never know what it was because she didn’t get to tell her dad about it.

  2. I think our class has written about this prompt! I like how Izzy thought someone was tricking her. Why did the dad ignore her? Maybe Izzy should try to explain her feelings and thoughts. I think that was really good, and you should make a part two!

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