The Vandals – Dylan S

Once a upon time there were two kids, there names were, John and Mark. They were hanging around their house with nothing to do. Mark said let’s go to the city and off they went.
When they got off the bus they saw a huge statue of a light bulb. Then they went over and tried to climb it. As Mark tried to climb it, John pushed it and it fell over and SMASHED!!!!!
The two boys ran away laughing and jumped on the bus all the way home. A few minutess later the cops came to see what had happened.

One thought on “The Vandals – Dylan S”

  1. Great cliffhanger Dylan and I thought as I was reading it that those two boys were going to get away with it! Now I’d love to know what the cops said to them and you’ve left me with lots of questions. I believe that crime never pays and I’d say the cops thought the same!! Well done. I really enjoyed your writing.
    Ms O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway Ireland

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