The Unknown Assassin by Jakub

One night in a dark place an assassin was wanted for murdering a person. It was easy for the assassin, because he’s the number one assassin in the world. ” It’s time to track another opponent”, said the boss.
“Ugh” said the opponent.
Then the assassin was wanted again but got away with it by shooting his grappling hook. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” said the boss. By the way, the assassins name is Scarper. Scarper went to another mission with his team-mate and then Scarper said “….but where are we going?..
” You are going for a mission, to help the SWAT to look for a bad guy, Scarper’s boss said.
“The bad guy is called Deadshot”.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “The Unknown Assassin by Jakub”

  1. Deadshot is such a cool name, Jakub! I wonder why the assassin murdered this person… and what has Deadshot done that he’s next on the list? Lots to think about! Well done, keep up the good work!

  2. Deadshot and Scaper – What great names. Theres’a lot going on in this story. I reckon it might be the start of a sequel! You didn’t use the prompt exactly as it was given – but near enough, so we’ll forgive you for that đŸ™‚

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