Two Men Broke a Flower Pot – Noemi

Once upon a time two men came over to some flowers. They were sitting on a flower pot. So they sat on it then it started to move. They thought it would not fall so they were stayed sitting on it. Then suddenly it fell. All the stuff fell out of the pot, the flowers, seeds and a big tree. They ran back to their house then a man came over to see how big the flowers were and he was shocked. He had to plant it all over again. They came back but they had learnt a lesson for today.

2 thoughts on “Two Men Broke a Flower Pot – Noemi”

  1. Hi Noemi,
    Your story reminds me of something that happened at my house.
    Our Granda planted some lovely flowers in a pot but when he went away our dog dug them all up.
    When Granda came back to look at them…he was not happy!
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

  2. Oh I’ve had that happen to me, Noemi! I think that something I’m sitting on won’t fall, and it’s ever so embarrassing when it DOES fall and I’m left on the ground! I feel sorry for the poor man who now has to plant his flowers again. What a pity that the two men didn’t help to plant them again. Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 1o0
    Waterford, Ireland

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