Trip to Galway – by Cillian

It was a week before my mam’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere nice to celebrate.We ended up picking Galway because my mam thought it was a nice place.My mam and I decided to bring my granny and grandad because we hadn’t seen them in ages.My mam booked a hotel in a small town called Ahascragh.The next week we packed up and left for Galway.On our way there we stopped in a place to eat and we saw three weird statues that looked like a horse,a bull,and a goat.We had a great time.

One thought on “Trip to Galway – by Cillian”

  1. Sweet story, I would recommend a few things so that you can make the most out of your 100 words. Change ‘my mam and I’ to we. Instead of weird use ‘bizarre’- it sounds better! Instead of ‘granny and granddad’ say ‘grandparents’. Instead of ‘place to eat’ say ‘restaurant’. You will now find yourself with lots of words to play around with, try to describe some of the things in your story in more detail and really bring it to life- this use of language is what will make your readers really connect with and love your writing!

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