A trip to Fairyland by Sophie

“Come back here!‘’ I shouted at lily.
‘’Oh hi! I didn’t see you there.
My name is Emma and I’m a fairy. Sorry for shouting I was trying to catch my little rascal of a rabbit. She went into the woods. she will come back though.‘’
Turning to the camera Emma continued to talk.
’’Now today I will be telling you about fairyland. let’s start my day. First I’ll brush my hair and put it into French plaits and brush my teeth. Get dressed in my pink dress and wash my fairy face and my hands with my lovely flower sponge. then I need to go to queen Kate and get more pixie-dust because I need to visit a lot of children tonight and collect their teeth. I have to get out of fairyland to go to the children’s houses .
Bye now, I have to go! There will stories to tell though!

One thought on “A trip to Fairyland by Sophie”

  1. Another lovely magical Fairy story Sophie. You’ve used wonderful imagination here. I’m so glad Emma has her priorities right… Hair and teeth. I love the way you describe her as having a ‘fairy face’. A really lovely story here Sophie. Well done.

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