My Trip To the Airport – by Daniel

One day my Dad and I took a trip to Dublin airport. When we got there we went into terminal 2. It was so shiny and new. There was a lady playing a violin it sounded so good. We decided to go for something to eat in the bar upstairs. When we had eaten our food we went to the big window where we could see a yellow airplane it was so big. We also got to see an airplane take off the sound nearly swept me off my feet. The whole experience was so good that when I grow up I would like to work in the airport.

2 thoughts on “My Trip To the Airport – by Daniel”

  1. Great story Daniel. You’ve done a great job this week. You have described the airport really well and I like how you described the sound of the airplane taking off.
    Keep up the great writing.

  2. Great work. You’ve described exactly what it’s like in an airport. I particularly like airports when I’m the one heading off on holidays.

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