Treasure House by Nathan

When Holly was walking to school her ex bff who betrayed her barged past her. She let out a laugh. Holly saw house 29. It had a ‘do not enter’ sign on it. It’s looked like a terrible wreckage. Holly dawdled in the house looking suspicious. The door shut behind her. Holly saw multiple doors and similar selection of doors. There was a vile smell and the smell made Holly famished. She picked a door but when she went in and a voice said ‘you won now retrieve your treasure’. The treasure looked realistic. She picked the treasure up and became rich. She has a new routine now every week she goes to get more treasure. Will she get caught?

One thought on “Treasure House by Nathan”

  1. Hi Nathan! I love your story. I’m really wondering if holly will get caught, its so suspenseful! Make sure to not use double negatives.

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