Travel by Rose

“Today’s topic is Transport!” Our teacher said to her students.

“This will be connected to another topic, the environment and pollution. Think about how some transportation is bad and if some should or shouldn’t be restricted, or ways it’s good or bad for our planet.”

This was a single person project, so I was by myself. Travelling for me is slightly difficult since I live an hour away and my parents work day and night shifts all the time. So I take the car. But sometimes I’ll walk when I can.

Then the subject of long distance travel came up. And it’s really useful! Lots of people I know have parents that work somewhere else or have family there too. It’s the same with me! My older brother is working somewhere else and my family is there with him too. Lucky…

So what should I write? I looked at the blank page.m

“Travelling is a different subject for everyone…”