Train Station by Craig

Jim got home from school. He arranged to meet the school bully Kevin, at an abandoned train station at six o ‘ clock.

“I thought you would have chickened out!” shouted Kevin his voice echoing.

“What do you want?” Said Jim.

“There is this meeting going on here I want to listen in, I think you might want to too” said Kevin.

“Why would I want to listen in a meeting?” Said Jim storming off.

“It is about our school, ” said Kevin grabbing him by the arm.

“They’re coming,” said Jim.

“Quick hide at the candy bar, ” whispered Jim.

“Alright ” whispered Kevin.

One thought on “Train Station by Craig”

  1. Hi Craig. Its your hub buddy Emily. I love how you left us off on a cliff hanger are you gonna tell us what happened in your next story?

    -Emily M, Hub buddy, USA.

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