Tom’s Fall by Rose

Tom was just pulled out of his bed by his sister Gina at 5 am in the morning. ”Ginaaaaa” Tom whined. ”Come on sleepy pants, Dad wants you to pick and wash the diverse vegetables from the farm and deliver to the store.” So Tom got ready and did his task while Gina and and their mom, Lisa washed up. Gina was always jealous of Tom so she came up with a prank. When Tom packed up the vegetables and got his bike ready, he was riding when Gina came up and blindfolded Tom, leaving him gasping, shocked as he crashed into a hay stack.

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Fall by Rose”

  1. I like the way you explained what happened before the picture, and that your protagonist (the lead character) Gina wasn’t even in the photo. I am a bit confused though how she managed to blindfold her brother while he was riding his bicycle.

  2. I liked when you added what time he was woken up at but is the sister older or younger. I like what you told us before what happed to Tom. But how did the sister managed to blindfold Tom was she on the bike then jumped off or what. But in total i give it a 9/10 it is a good story give it a few adjustments and it will be perfect (i am being honest)

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