The Toilet Emergency – by Julia G

When lily arrived at the beach she wanted to see seals.
Walking through the piles of sea weed it smelled like dead
fishes washed up on the beach. When lily wanted to go to the toilet she said” I am going to the toilet”when she was in the toilet,then the lock clicked ,she was trapped like in prison .As she had an idea to flush her self down the toilet,
when she flushed her self she found her self she found her self in a long and narrow tube .It tasted horrible when she found an opening when her family saw her they gone home.

One thought on “The Toilet Emergency – by Julia G”

  1. Oh no Julia! I think that that is everyone’s worst nightmare – to get locked in the toilet!! I think I might have tried to break the door down instead of flushing myself down the toilet – there must have been quite the stink off her when she got out! Good work, well done and keep it up!

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