Tiny Tiny People – Jody

Once upon time there were tiny tiny people who lived in a tiny tiny hut made from wood. One day
tiny tiny Sarah found a light bulb. She tried push it down a hill with her friend saoirse. When they did, it smashed and everything fell out. There were hundreds and thousands of little foam pieces. They both went closer to see what they were. They tried to touch them and they were really soft. Saoirse tried to jump on them and it was so much fun. Sarah started to jump on them too. They had so much fun.

One thought on “Tiny Tiny People – Jody”

  1. It really does sound like a lot of fun Jody! You’ve written a great story here, and I loved the way you repeated the phrase “tiny tiny”. Keep up the great writing!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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