Time Warp by Daniel

Sam woke up to what he thought was a normal day. Later he got dressed and went down stairs. Just when he was about to watch tv something astonishing happened, the wall ripped and it looked like he was in space. He couldn’t think of an explanation for what he’s looking at. Suddenly the house fell into a rift. He found himself alone in a field. After wandering around and listening to people he realised he was a year in the past. “This isn’t like last year,” he thought. Then out of nowhere another rift opened and he traveled to another place in time.

4 thoughts on “Time Warp by Daniel”

  1. Dear Daniel,
    I really like that you used time traveling to refer to a year in the past or that this isn’t like last year.
    Also what is your favorite food?

  2. Dear Daniel,
    I enjoyed your post. You have written it in a way that seems believable. It makes me wonder why Sam’s house was chosen, how does Sam feel about his situation, for how long will Sam continue on this journey?

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    IL, USA

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