Tik Tok Tik by Oliver


“Run!”said Sam.

The kids were running as fast as the wind but the monster was as fast as the light.

They stopped and turned around.


The monster ran into a wall.

“Yes, let’s check the thing that is comletely out of tune,” said Jam.

(Sam and Jam are twins).

There was three paths.

Sam said”Right is the right way.”

Jam said”Ok, right it is.”

Tik–tok–tik-tok-tik-taaak-tik tok tik, faster and faster as they got closer and closer.

“Mom! We’re playing a game,”said Sam and Jam.

“Sorry, dinner time!” said Mom.

3 thoughts on “Tik Tok Tik by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver
    I liked the way you made them playing a game.
    It reminded me of Jumanji.
    Did they get captured?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hi Oliver
    I like the onomatopoeia words that you used.
    At the end of your story when you said it was a video game I thought that that was really clever .
    Well done
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class.

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