Three Statues by Bartosz

One day on a farm west of Ohio.3 statues appeared one goat one cow one bull.First day everything was normal but at night all the farmers heard a mighty wind.And their most valued tree it was a hundred years old disappeared. Everyone was blaming the statues.They tried everything to dig them out of the ground but it didn’t work.So the farmers came to a conclusion that they will burn that part of the land.After awhile just before they where going to burn it they saw a truck.And in the back of the truck there was the tree.They all cheered and a new farmer moved in to the house that they made with the wood.It all ended well.

One thought on “Three Statues by Bartosz”

  1. Hi Bartosz, this is a really individual and creative take on the 100WC prompt, thank you for it. I really like how at the end of the mysterious story the small community grows with the arrival of a new farmer. Next time it might help the flow if you checked the position of commas and maybe read your work aloud before posting. Nice work all the same.

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