The Zoo by Bartosz

This Morning I woke up to a suprise. Straight after breakfast my Mam told me we were going to the zoo, at around half 2. I got dressed and watched a video on my phone. When we were in the car my parents asked what we wanted to see, I said a brown Giraffe and my brother James said lion. First of all we ate lunch in a little restaurant I got chips they were really I mean really salty. James said he wanted pizza but it wasn’t on the menu so he got a greasy burger, I got a drink with ice but it melted straight away. We got to see the lions last and then went home.

One thought on “The Zoo by Bartosz”

  1. Bartosz,
    You made my mouth water and want an icy drink after all those salty chips! I like learning about language from across ‘the pond’ by reading your writing. Here, we say Two Thirty to mean 2:30. In your piece you wrote half two. Do you also say half past two? We do say that. I hope the narrator in your piece enjoyed the zoo as much as I do when I get the chance to go. We have a good one in the Bronx (A borough in NYC).
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, Guilderland, NY, USA

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