The Zoo by Bartosz

This Morning I woke up to a suprise. Straight after breakfast my Mam told me we were going to the zoo, at around half 2. I got dressed and watched a video on my phone. When we were in the car my parents asked what we wanted to see, I said a brown Giraffe and my brother James said lion. First of all we ate lunch in a little restaurant I got chips they were really I mean really salty. James said he wanted pizza but it wasn’t on the menu so he got a greasy burger, I got a drink with ice but it melted straight away. We got to see the lions last and then went home.

2 thoughts on “The Zoo by Bartosz”

  1. Bartosz,
    You made my mouth water and want an icy drink after all those salty chips! I like learning about language from across ‘the pond’ by reading your writing. Here, we say Two Thirty to mean 2:30. In your piece you wrote half two. Do you also say half past two? We do say that. I hope the narrator in your piece enjoyed the zoo as much as I do when I get the chance to go. We have a good one in the Bronx (A borough in NYC).
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, Guilderland, NY, USA

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