The Young Bike Man by Emmanuel

It was a very hot summer’s morning, so a young man decided that he would go on his very old yellow bike for a ride. The bike that the man owned was very old and had been rusting and collecting spider webs in his shed. The man never knew how to ride a bike as he was never taught how to . He decided to give a try, he started of well and before he knew it he was cycling all around the town. He was going so fast that he crashed into an electricity pole and was never to be seen again. Except for his bike, which stayed there.

2 thoughts on “The Young Bike Man by Emmanuel”

  1. Hi Emmanuel.
    I really like the where he was good at cycling.
    It reminds me of a book I read.
    I wonder where the man ended up.

    Bye for now, Adam Mrs Boyces 5th class.

  2. Wow, Emmanuel! That was a very interesting story! It’s funny how this man didn’t know how to ride a bike, but wanted to try! I didn’t know how to ride, and we were doing a bike ride at school. So, my friends kept on teaching me, and before I knew it, I knew how to ride! Except, I can’t ride at home because my bike is broken. I also didn’t run into an electricity pole! I hope that man is okay! I guess it only took the man and not the bike! A suggestion is that CONTINUE THIS STORY IN ANOTHER PROMPT! I absolutely y LOVED this story! It was a very well written story! Well done! 😀

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