The Woods by Jessica H

I was surviving in the woods last night. I went out adventuring with my friend Alex. Me and Alex have read all about aliens and we decided to go camping to see if we could spot an alien. All of a sudden there was a bright light. Oh my gosh it loooked like a ufo. The light got brighter. The light blinded him for 10 seconds. We took out our cameras, but as we took them out, the light was gone. We loooked around. Alex was fraught with fear about the sighting. We saw the light again. It turned out just to be a car! In the morning we went home without seeing any aliens.

One thought on “The Woods by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I was hooked right from the beginning, imagine going to woods to look for aliens, it just was bound to end in disaster! I liked the little twist at the end with the car lights, although I do wonder if there may have been a UFO after all?
    A great start to the new year.
    Miss T team 100wc

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