The Woods by Emma

So today I’m going on a road trip to America with my mam, dad, sister and my friend. So first we sang some songs in the car next we found a fast food place. I got a burger and chips and coke it was delicious.

Our first stop was Nature Valley camp site.  My dad and sister set the tent up. We had some sausages and bacon for dinner and then roasted marshmallows and made smores and had pop corn. About 5 hours later me and my friend went to get more sticks in the woods, but we got lost and we saw a big tree. It was really mossy and green and overgrown we screamed all the way back.

One thought on “The Woods by Emma”

  1. Hi Emma. I really like your story! I did a story about the tree from the prompt. It looked very weird though! My favorite part is when they roast marshmallows and eat popcorn. Was the tree an actual human or not???

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