The Wicked Witch by Jessica H

In the town there is a mean witch. Since every witch has a sidekick she has a giraffe her sidekick. There was this one kid called Molly ,she loved to bake crispy brown brownies. Molly believes that the witch is actually good. So she decided to make melted brownies for the witch. Molly finally reached the house of the witch. Molly knocked on the door the witch answered , her hair was so greasy. Molly has never seen anything like it .Molly handed the witch her brownies. When the witch took them she put salt on them instead of sugar which was disgusting. The witch said thank you to Molly so it turns out she was a really nice witch.

One thought on “The Wicked Witch by Jessica H”

  1. Jessica,
    I had a feeling, along with the melted brownies, we would read of the witch’s heart also melting a bit by Molly’s kind, brave, acceptance of her. In the end, I think I was right. Thank you for this fine writing.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, Guilderland, NY, USA

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