The Whistle -By Oliwia

It was Saturday morning, Emma was 16 she had her own room. Walking to the football pich she and her family saw a blue bird they thought it was Rio but it wasn’t. When she and her family were there a whistle blew and everybody disappeared exsept her dad who blew the whistle. She didn’t disappear either.
“Dad why did you not disappear?” I asked,
“Because I blew the whistle!” answered dad,
“Why did I not disappear?”
“Because I love you as child and I want to spend time with you!”
“Because our family won’t let us spend time togherter!”
“Thanks dad!”.

One thought on “The Whistle -By Oliwia”

  1. Hi Oliwia, I’m really glad to hear the Whistleblower was protected in your story! I’d like to know why your family didn’t want you to spend time together. Excellent use of punctuation and speech marks. Well done!

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