The Weird Seeds by Sophie

One summer’s day the children were walking to school. It was last day of school. The children were going to do gardening. Quickly they went outside . When they got to the garden the children each got a packet of seeds.Maya got a really weird looking seed.It said on it. Grows in one week. Quickly Maya openends the packet of seeds and plants the seeds. Maya got a watering can and poured water on the seeds.The next year Maya went back to the school garden and she saw her tree and there was a really weird seed on the tree.

2 thoughts on “The Weird Seeds by Sophie”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    One thing that I love the way that you thought of the picture a different way than others. One question I have is that how did you come up with the idea of your story. Somethings that I have uncommon with your story is that today is my last day of school and I am excited for summer. did you know that there are lots of schools in the world and that some kids cant go to school. Wow! I wish every kid was able to go to school, but that is how life is these days.

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