The Weird Forest by Aaron

One day my family and I went camping in a forest it was beautiful for the first night but the second was not that fun. After having food we went adventureing into the forest we were very excited but when we got there it was not that good after all. We were all Terrified cause we saw lots of dead things and it smelleld like a toxic lake then we heared a deep voice shouting “help”. Then we sprinted as fast as we could back to the camp site. Once we got there we went home straight away and no one ever came back there.

2 thoughts on “The Weird Forest by Aaron”

  1. Oh Wow! I do hope you haven’t left anybody who is in trouble in your rush to get away! I can just see some poor soul struggling to get out of the toxic lake. This is a nicely structured piece for the 100WC prompt and you have used it creatively o give a clear idea of events as they happened.

  2. I liked the scary element of the weird forest, I hope man in the forest is unharmed.

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