The Weird Creature – by Nico

One day in Cork Ireland there was a poisonisesfruitthat can really kill you but you can make it into a medicene.AndIwas walking across the forest I found one of them but it’s strange because it’s supposed to be found in China.Later that day I picked it up it was shiny red pretty and precious.Afterwards I picked that one and went home and put it on the diamond blue table and opened it up.When it came to opening it it poked me a few times but then it got fine.And I opened it and there was nice white smooth fruit.

2 thoughts on “The Weird Creature – by Nico”

  1. Hi Nico
    I like your story because it is very interesting
    and I like the that you can also make the plant into
    I also like the way that it was weird because they were only in China
    Bye from Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s class

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