The Weight by Katie

One mild afternoon Abby was walking down the street. She was going to the shops to get milk but before she went in she heard a big bang. She looked where it came from and there was a man floating above where the bang came from. Everyone was looking at him he announced ”I am the bad man”.

Abby was bit scared she ran back home to tell her family. Abby turned on the TV it was on the news about the bad man. The news said that the bad mans weapon was a big weight to through at people. They were hoping nothing bad would happen.

3 thoughts on “The Weight by Katie”

  1. Hi Katie, I enjoyed reading your piece. One thing I loved was the storyline itself. It was really interesting. Actually, it reminded me of the big cities in the US that I visit every so often. One thing I would recommend working on is your punctuation. Overall, good story, Jack, IL, USA.

  2. I wrote 100 challenge about this prompt too. Nice story. Did you enjoy writing this?

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