The Very Mysterious Bee by Ben

Pat and Robert had seen the most remarkable moment. A monstrosity of a bee had collapsed down from the sky and on a pink, spotty, bench. “WE HAVE TO RESCUE IT QUICK!” Shouted Pat in an emotional way. Robert had brought safety suits, a very big bag full of journals, medical bag, juice, water and sugar, they had also brought an extremely long and very bright light. “I’m going to get something from the van over there do you want to come with me?” Asked Pat “OKAY!” Said Robert. Soon after, they both had their overwhelming meals, suddenly the bee had vanished. It had buzzed away into the distance.

One thought on “The Very Mysterious Bee by Ben”

  1. I don’t like bees. You could have used more verbs. You had really good adjectives. After the bee buzzed off did it end up being ok.

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