The Unlucky Day by Craig

Normally on Saturday morning Ethan got up at 9:00 or around that time. But today, Dad woke him up at 6:00am and opened the blind and the light blinded him.

“GOSH it is only 6:00am, I presume that it is my birthday present that you forgot?” said Ethan.

” Because your Granny is coming to mind you !“said Dad.

“Dad I am old enough to stay home alone, “said Ethan.

“No you’re not, “said Dad.

Ethan hated his Granny because all he got was cabbage, and 6 o’clock bedtimes.

“She will be here for a week! “said Dad.

Now Ethan was fraught with fear.

2 thoughts on “The Unlucky Day by Craig”

  1. Good writing, Craig. You use direct speech well. Also I like the alliteration in the last sentence. The lack of a ‘happy birthday’ makes me think that your character Ethan is living in a family that doesn’t care for him. There is a hint of that here, which you could work on in a longer story. I hope Ethan stays strong!

  2. I can see why Ethan is feeling and acting unhappy with the double blow of being woken up early and the incoming upsetting Granny! Your Granny reminds me of a Granny that might turn up in a David Walliams book! I love those books. I like the way you used speech and each paragraph helped me to really follow the conversation without getting confused.

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