The Twigs by Kyle

I wanted them so badly I couldn’t put it into words. This was like a dream for a poor old tree scientist like me. If I got this, a big ball of all the rarest branches and twigs in the world, I would make millions. It seemed crazy. It seemed impossible, but here they were right in front of me. Would I be unselfish and mannerly, and just not do anything but keep on dreaming? Or would I be daring, and go and seize what I had always wanted? I would get all the money I wanted. I slowly curled my hand up into a fist and, preparing to run, punched the glass so that I could grab what I wanted so desperately.

One thought on “The Twigs by Kyle”

  1. I did a 100 word challenge on this picture too! Good storytelling, its very mysterious. Did you like writing about this picture?

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