The TV Show by Darragh

Jim was walking around bored to death. There’s nothing to do he said. He was watching tv and heard that there was going to be a compation a tv show. He decided to enter it. He went to his friend’s house and told his friend. They went to the headquarters of the TV they wanted to do a dance. They were up next they danced till they collapsed. They walked out and waited till they got a reply. The next day they turned on the tv and they were not on it was the two other dancers they seemed to be on tv.

5 thoughts on “The TV Show by Darragh”

  1. Dear Darragh,
    The competition must have been tough! Dancing “till they collapsed”, wow! I can visualize that scene. Unique use of the prompt for this week’s 100wc prompt.

    Keep writing!

    Mrs. Silver
    IL, USA
    Team 100

  2. Hi Darragh! I really liked how you used lots of detail in your writing! I like to dance, but I wouldn’t want to be on T.V for it! I wouldn’t want to collapse either! I didn’t really understand the beginning that well, next time work on that a little bit. I am really amazed at how many ideas people can come up with! I wrote about a basketball game! Keep it up!

  3. hi Darragh

    one thing I liked about your story was how you explained things in your story.Did you know that i also wrought with the same prompt.
    pleas write back

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