The Trip to the Museum by Abby

Ms. Yellow and her class were going on a school trip to the museum, the museum was desperate, they needed more visitors. Eventually the class got to the museum, outside they saw this huge building shaped like a bicycle out the bus window. As they were walking in the teacher said decisively “stay with me because this place is not that safe”. As she warned the kids they all heard a bang and then a lot of dust fell on their heads. The man said look give me the money, and he greedily snatched the money off Ms. Yellow.

2 thoughts on “The Trip to the Museum by Abby”

  1. Hi Abby I liked your story because it had good describing words.
    I wonder why the man robbed ms yellow.
    It reminded me of a book I read.

    Mrs Boyces Class.

    1. Hi I liked the plot and the museums desperateness. What I wasn’t sure about was the museum. It said they were desperate but if they were desperate they would be trying to keep it safe for more visitors. Also, What was the dust part about.

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