The Trip to Granny’s by Katie

Today Ellie was going for a trip to her granny’s so she was really exited. She hasn’t seen her granny in months Ellie’s granny lives quite far away. So she packed her bags then headed to the car she brought a load of snacks. Ellie was reading her favourite book and it said “if you see the number 29 there are witches nearby.” She thought that was so silly but she forgot about it and headed on reading her book. When she arrived at her granny’s house it had the number 29 as the address and a rusty gate and a load of leaves but she thought it was just a coincidence.

One thought on “The Trip to Granny’s by Katie”

  1. What excellent use of the prompt, Katie. You have woven it in to your story so well. I love the way you leave your reader in suspense. Surely Ellie’s granny could not be a witch? Was it just a coincidence?

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