The Tree Wheeler – Ben

Once upon a time me and my friends, John, Aaron and Robbie where going to the woods. When we got there we saw builders chopping down trees. We saw a sign that said ‘Step Away’. Thirty minutes later we saw a weird bike in a tree so we checked it out. We decided to call it the Tree Wheeler. John said ‘let’s go to our bikes at the woods’ . So we did. We got there and the bike was gone so we went searching for an hour. All of us were sad and we went home and cried to death.

4 thoughts on “The Tree Wheeler – Ben”

  1. Oh dear, what a sad ending!! Why were the builders chopping down trees. Were they going to build some houses or shops? How did the Tree Wheeler (very good name, by the way!) end up in the tree? Maybe one of the builders took it home?
    From Michelle, Melbourne, Australia

  2. Ben, I do like your play on words with your tree wheeler title, three wheeler / free wheeler – that’s great.
    I wonder if you could have ended your story differently. You’re obviously a curious group so perhaps you could have gone home to ‘try to unravel the secret’ or somesuch.
    What do you think?

    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

  3. That was an amazing piece of writing and i would love to read it over and over because it was that good.
    I loved the part were you and your friends were in the woods and saw the tree wheeler.
    Well done that was the best piece of writing i have ever saw.

  4. This Is An AMAZING Peice Of Writing I Couldnt Believe My Eyes When I Sore It.
    I Really Enjoyed Reading The Part About When They Cried To Death.
    You Should Be A Writer.


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