The Tree Monster Part II by Rorí

When Muhammud and I left the woods we saw my bike standing upright and locked against the tree monster’s cousin. With caution we approached to unlock the bike.  All of a sudden the tree monster jumped out.  “It’s time for my revenge boys”.  Muhammud and I looked at each other and ran. The tree monster followed us and after a while we thought we had lost him but then he appeared in front of us, “stay put so I can ring Mr. Marshmallow,” he said. We tried to persuade him to let us go with some burritos. He said no, so that meant we were stuck with him.

One thought on “The Tree Monster Part II by Rorí”

  1. Hi Rorí! I love your story! Make sure to capitalize letters when their meant to be capitalized! I might even recommend yours for the showcase! Anyways, Great job!

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