The Tragic Nazi Plane by Cillian

In 1942 the Nazis had planned to make the biggest bomb plane in the world which would be capable of wiping out half of America’s population. The Nazis called it The Death Bomb. It would take at least 1 year to make the plane and the bomb but they were keen on doing it. When they finished making the plane they were all stunned to see how big it was, but then they saw the bomb and were in awe. It was about twice the size of a blue whale. They were going to target Russia but when it wouldn’t take off they had to give up their evil plan.

3 thoughts on “The Tragic Nazi Plane by Cillian”

  1. Well done on your writing Cillian. I like how you have used metaphors in your story. Your writing is improving all the time.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Just like Ms. Brennock said I really liked the metaphors you used. I an happy the plain wouldn’t take off, but why didn’t they make a smaller bomb.

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