The Tiny Trip by Abby

One morning Dolly woke up from her horrible dream. The night before her horrible dream her scientific dad got a new car. He was going to bring Dolly out on a trip to Disneyland on a ferryboat but the night before he made a shrinking machine. “Dolly, come down stairs I have a surprise for you in the garage”, and she raced down stairs to the garage and there she saw nothing and her dad said “what happened the car?” Dolly paused for a second “but where did it go?” she shouted, ”there it is, it shrank.” As he went to pick it up they both shrank and went on a tiny trip.

One thought on “The Tiny Trip by Abby”

  1. Hi Abby
    I like how you described all your words and made it sound very interesting my favorite part of your writing was when you said about Disneyland I really want to go there but I live in New Zealand. have you ever been to Disneyland?


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