The Thug Troll by Leon

One day a gang of robbers were robbing the bank. But not any bank, The National Bank of the I.S.B. ( Ireland’s Security Bank).The world’s most secure bank and no robber ever stole from it.

“Hey guys we seem to be on the television let’s get out of here!”said one of the thugs.

“O no! look it’s a giant band of of of of GAR DA!!!!” shouted the one with a cerulean jumper.


So they ran as fast as they can -at nós na gaoithe- Then they saw at least 45 Garda dogs let of their leash!! They turned a corner and met a crowd of laughing Garda. Then one of them shouted “IT WAS ALL JUST HOLOGRAMS. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!”


11 thoughts on “The Thug Troll by Leon”

  1. Leon, my heart is thumping – there’s so much action and movement in your writing. Thank goodness it was all holograms in the end! Or maybe not? Are those robbers going to get away with it? You’ve left this reader with lots of questions – that’s a skill because it makes the reader want to read more. Well done!

  2. Well done Leon. I liked reading the part about the robbers saying “Hey guys we seem to be on television lets get out of here.” And you had a good use of speech and punctuation.

  3. It was a brilliant story it hooks the reader in however work on getting more wow words a part from that it was great. Do you practice at home

  4. Dear Leon,
    I really enjoyed the part were one person shouts ITS JUST HOLOGRAMS HAHAHAH I laughed my head off and the way they tried to rob the bank i was shook when i saw the name saying the Nation Bank of I.S.B but i hope you read this comment soon and i loved the way you set the scene.

  5. Dear Lion,
    I really loved how you set the scene and how you did it will you make a part two? I enjoyed the part i was reading were it said ITS JUST HOLOGRAMS AHAHAHAHAHAHA and i was shook about the part were they are robbing the most Sucre Bank.

  6. Hi hub buddy, I really love your 100 wc where the three guys are robbing the bank!
    but maybe you could try next time not to say so many letters in one word.its kind of confusing.

  7. Hi Leon! Im Evie ( your 10owc partner).I think this is a very good piece of work!

    I like the way you used some words to make it tense. Its like a cliffhanger and I WANT to read more of it! Is there going to be a part two?

    Maybe next time try and incude different sentence starters.

    From Evie C Bidston Avenue Primary School

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