The Three Men and a Giant – by Cian

In 2057 Ireland was being attacked by a giant. Everyone was terrified except three men Sean, Oisin and Fionn. They had a plan to kill the giant. They were expecting the attack since 2049. So they got prepared with large amounts of firepower and an ancient sword they stole from a temple in South Africa. As the giant leaped from Scotland onto the Mourne mountains the three men had their weapons ready. They built a robotic army to help them win the battle with the giant. During the battle a witch appeared and cast a geis on the three men and the giant. The giant died and the three men where turned into statues of a bull, a goat and a horse.

One thought on “The Three Men and a Giant – by Cian”

  1. I love your choice of names for the characters! I think you try to bring in a lot of elements for 100 words, for example you have the giant and the witch- perhaps pick one. You also describe a lot of weapons, I would recommend that you just pick one or two. Then with the remaining words I urge you to use some emotive and descriptive language- think about some adjectives that will really draw your readers in and make them empathise with your characters. Keep up the great work!

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