The Three Dead Animals by Brian

One day a boy called Brian was having a walk on the beach. And he came across three animal heads.He was confused why they were there.He said he should look it up online so he ran home to his house, to look it up and it said it was in memory of the three ancient animals who died on the beach. They were killed for meat by a poor family that was desperate for food ,Brian had a think about it and he went back down to the beach and saw the name of the personwperson who killed the animals it was John Flanagan he was arrested.

One thought on “The Three Dead Animals by Brian”

  1. Hi Brian, thank you for this 100WC story. I like the structure of your work and how the story flows so well. The idea that the person who killed the animals, for no apparent reason, should be arrested was a good one and ties things up nicely. This resonates well with the idea of poor people having to kill to eat rather than killing for ‘art’.

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