The Thief by Oliwia

Molly was sitting in the detention room with Mrs White her teacher.

Suddenly Mrs White left the room and told her to not move until she came back. But as soon as she left, Molly noticed an envelope with money in it and she quickly grabbed it without thinking and hid it in her bag. When Mrs White came back she looked at her desk and said “Molly where is the money?”

“It was on your desk,” snapped Molly.

”I know it was there,” said Mrs White. “But where did it go?” she shouted. Mrs White was sure Molly took it and asked to look through her bag, she pulled out the envelope and said, “You’re in big trouble now Molly.”

5 thoughts on “The Thief by Oliwia”

  1. HI Oliwia its Olivia from your buddy class, I especially liked the part where you write “snapped molly” but I was kind of wanting more description and wanted more of an ending. BTW do you pronounce your name Oliwia or Olivia.

  2. Hi friend .
    I liked that you did not use said a lot.
    I wonder if Molly is going to be ok.
    I really hope I never get in trouble like that.
    bye for now Kristupas Mrs Boyces 5th Class.

  3. Hello Oliwia
    I liked the way you ended on a cliff hanger.
    Did Molly get in a lot of trouble?
    Were her parents called?
    Colin 5th class Mrs Boyce’s class.

  4. Kia ora Oliwia Its Emma here
    I liked the part were Molly gets in trouble and steals the money envalope.
    Their is a teacher called Mrs White In our school. Also do you like to read David Walliams ?
    Thanks for your time Bye!

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